Our Vision

RoboTitans seeks to inspire the next generation of great minds by allowing them to explore the world of Robotics and Technology. By making the benefits and resources of the robotics tangible to students, RoboTitans hopes to cultivate an appreciation of science, technology, engineering and math through healthy, immersive, collaborative competition. Another major goal of RoboTitans is to lead young minds to see the concept of working and to give life to their imagination

Our Mission

  • To provide a unique, challenging learning environment that inspires young minds to constantly apply and sharpen their science, technology, engineering, and math skills.
  • To encourage students to work on robots and technology towards the betterment the world.
  • To make students’ exercise their creative problem-solving skills and to combat real world problems though series of competitions, workshops, tech fests.


  • Provide students with adequate facilities to learn and work on the concepts of STEM and Robotics
  • Organize brainstorming among students and help them to build on models which helps towards the betterment of the world
  • Bring awareness to students on things happening on technological and robotic trends thereby giving an opportunity for them to think differently
  • Give exposure to students on competitions and make them compete to see and learn from the world outside

Short Term Goal

  • Build a strong foundation on concepts of robotics as per their grade and make them aware of things beyond
  • Encourage students to experiment different concepts which would lead towards building of models for the betterment of world

Long Term Goal

  • Give confidence to students the motivates them to build things on their own
  • Make students participate in different Inter School Competitions / Science Fairs and win laurels
  • Help students to understand different subjects of their study through Robotics

Media Gallery


PAC-BOT ( Kurukshetra 2023 )

We are proud of our students from FIITJEE Global School, Vengambakkam who participated in the PACBOT - a Robotic Challenge held as a part of KURUKSHETRA, an international techno-management fest holding a UNESCO patronage organized by the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University.

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The highly-anticipated Robo Expresso-2 Inter FGS Robotics Championship took place at FIITJEE Global School in Vellore on February 25th, 2023!

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Robo Genix Winter workshop

27th- 28th Dec 2022 for Senior Grade.
29th Dec 2022 for Junior Grade
at FIITJEE Global School, Vengambakkam, Chennai

1. Jumping Robot - for junior students

Jumping Robots mimic the movement of Rabbits.

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In today’s era, education is not only confined to read and write. The challenge and the demands in the education is not having knowledge, but it is also more about how impeccably one can present that knowledge.

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Robo Expresso – Battle of Metal
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Mantis – Biomimic Walker Robot

One day workshop was conducted on 13th May 2022 and 27th May 2022 from grades 4 – 6 where kids made “Mantis – Biomimic Walker Robot”. The two-day workshop was conducted on 14th and 15th May 2022 and 28th and 29th May 2022 from grades 6 – 10 where kids made “Mantis – Biomimic Obstacle

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