FIITJEE Global School Teacher's Training Institute



To build and nurture the best-in-class teachers and mentors for employment in FIITJEE Global School, thereby creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of talent that drive the schools towards continuous excellence.

Need for Teacher Training Institute & Course

Pre-school and primary school education are unanimously recognized as most crucial for the optimal development of the child. Pre-schools and Kindergartens are, therefore, mushrooming at a rapid pace, and almost every neighbourhood has a pre-school or a nursery centre. However, one of the major obstacles experienced in this situation is an acute shortage of trained teachers who have the knowledge of facilitating learning in young children in the best possible manner.

To ensure quality education at this juncture and promote overall development of the child, intensive training of pre-school & primary teachers is essential. Specially trained faculty can make pre-school, KG and beyond more stimulating.

FIITJEE Global School’s venture - FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute in Chennai is committed to providing professional Teaching in Chennai to aspiring teachers who, we believe, shape the future of our nation. These trained teachers would then be absorbed into the FIITJEE School(s) ecosystem in various capacities and classes.

The formative years of a child are the most critical period in his life and FIITJEE Global School is opening their arms to welcome the tiny tots & bigger children with pleasure. The intelligence and personality of a child are already formed by the time he reaches the age of 6 so we want our teachers to be sensitized to this fact.

Later his or her experiences keep strengthening this foundation which is already laid in early childhood that is how we shall make a positive impact. Teaching at this level without a professional training is not desirable because you can either make or break lives. Thus, the teachers who aspire to teach children in FIITJEE Global School/Magic inkpots should be comprehensively trained from FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute in all the proprietary aspects.

We have brought together various Teacher Training educational approaches and themes to create unique teacher’s training programmes. We feel that it is important to constantly reorient teachers with new teaching techniques and developments in the teacher’s training arena. FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute in Chennai will help you to master the skills necessary to create for children secure, warm and stimulating learning environment, where play is used as a tool of learning.

Various teacher training educational approaches

  • Montessori,
  • Pestalozzi,
  • Froebel,
  • Tarabai Modak and other Educationalists

Child psychology, child development and child health and nutrition are given equal stress in our teacher training course curriculum. Our teacher training program will empower you with the knowledge of understanding and enhancing a child’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative development.

FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute Unique Features

  • Good infrastructure with air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Limited seats per batch ensuring that trainees get individual attention.
  • Support, personal guidance & immediate feedback from our expert teacher training faculty members.
  • Intensive Classroom training for six months 3 months practical training with paid probation in Magic Inkpots and/or FIITJEE Global School.
  • Teacher Training workshops on varied topics like curriculum planning, rhymes, phonetics, projects etc are conducted regularly.
  • Candidates can select their own batch timings and days according to their flexibility.
  • Job Guarantee Commitment or Refund-100% Job Guarantee for successfully trained and certified candidates in FIITJEE Global School-Chennai/Vellore or FIITJEE World Schools in Hyderabad.
    • Employment basis suitability as faculty, support staff or specialist teacher etc.
    • Full Fee Refund in case of non-selection in any job in FIITJEE school universe.

Curriculum for Teacher Training Course

At FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute, we provide a well-balanced Teacher Training curriculum comprising the following:

  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Projects
  • Workshops
  • Practical Training / Internship
  • Viva Voce-It improves the teaching skills of our teacher trainees and prepares them for interviews and demonstrations.
  • Workshops-We also conduct several workshops for our trainees on topics like curriculum planning, rhymes, phonetics, projects etc to acquaint and equip them to face the challenges in the field of pre-school teaching.
    • Understand the nature, purpose, problems and issues of elementary education,
    • Evolve need-based, community-specific and child-centred pedagogy including indigenous learning systems,
    • Understand the nature and maturity level of children for imparting education for their many-sided development,
    • To mobilize and manage community resources for the development of school infrastructure,
    • Use the constructivist pedagogy and evaluation techniques,
    • Develop desire, taste and capacity for life-long learning and make them aware of the latest developments in their areas of specialization and the needed transactional skills,
    • Understand the advantages of ICT and use the same for facilitating student learning,
    • Develop sensitivity towards the education of the neglected sections of society who are deprived of the rights they are entitled to and
    • Participate in the effective management of the school.

Teacher Training Modes

Modes of Education in the Program

  • Regular / in-class teaching
  • Early Childhood Education Offsite Course in a practical environment
  • Live in the class training


Duration of FIITJEE Teacher Training Course is of six months and further 3 months paid probation in school.

Age Bar

For enrolling for FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute anyone above the age of 18 to 55 years, is eligible for pursuing this program.


  • Anyone with graduation level qualification (BA/BCom/BSc) along-with BEd or TGT or PGT or above qualification is welcome to enrol for FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute.
    • 4 year Integrated BEd degree holders can also apply.
  • Higher degree holders of master’s and above like MA, MSc, MCom, MEd along-with BEd or TGT or PGT degree would be eligible to teach in higher classes in FIITJEE Global School subject to selection criterion and assessment.
  • Graduates pursuing BEd/TGT/PGT may also enrol for the program and get trained simultaneously.
    • In case of 4 year integrated BEd program candidates, these students can only enrol in the 3rd year and beyond.
  • Graduates with NTT may also apply but they would be eligible for employment in Magic inkpots only, after the successful completion of training and selection.

Mode of Application

Training Completion and Employment

  • Training completion is 6 months.
  • After the successful completion of training and certification all the candidates would be interviewed and absorbed in the following institutions:
    • FIITJEE Global School-Chennai or Vellore
    • FIITJEE World Schools in Hyderabad. (Upon Vacancy Availability)
      • Employment would be basis suitability as faculty, support staff or specialist teacher etc.
      • Pay-scales as per norms of respective schools and institutions.

Documents Required

  • Passing certificate or marksheet of your highest qualification
  • Two recent passport size photographs


The marksheet and certificate of training Programme will be available after successful completion of the FIITJEE Teacher Training Institute’s program.

  • This teacher training education certification provides our teacher training candidates with an entry point into FIITJEE Global School-Chennai/Vellore, FIITJEE World Schools-Hyderabad . (Upon Vacancy Availability)

Batch options

Regular batches (Morning batches for 4 hours Monday through Friday or Weekend Batches on Saturday and Sunday of 6 hours duration each weekend day)