Chess Champions League

Our Vision

  • We offer opportunities for youth to grow in school and in life.
  • Chess is recognized as a essential tool that promotes inclusiveness and benefits education, rehabilitation, recreation and friendly competition.
  • Co-ordinate and move speed, solve chess diagrams every day
  • Become a better chess player by training your brain to see the chess board. Learn chess notation and improve your move speed.
  • Study Games from great tactical players.

Our Mission

  • We use chess as a tool for building, community, connection and confidence.
  • Empower children, enrich lives and enhance communities through chess.
  • We promote the transformative power of chess for lifelong personal growth.
  • Improve children's visual, memory attention, span and reasoning ability.


  • Our chess club provide young people with diverse backgrounds and abilities a dynamic framework for success in school and life.
  • FIITJEE participants play in regional and state tournaments.
  • To enhance focus and concentration in every situation.
  • It develops the individual’s stability in decision making.
  • To train the children to deal with Triumph and defeat and builds self-spirit to not give up on anything.

Activities planned

  • Kids together outside and provide activity.
  • Pro-social peer interaction.
  • Built friendship create positive group culture.
  • Tournaments, relay race, ladder competition simultaneous play, Apps and websites can be planned.

Learning outcomes:

  • Critical thinking skills and creativity
  • This is the game of problem solving, evaluation, critical thinking and planning.
  • It is a game of hypothesis and experimentation.
  • The cognitive processes for reading and maths are similar.
  • Improved concentration and memory, attention span and spatial - reasoning ability for the young player.
  • Chess help build individual friendships and teaches children about sportsmanship.
  • Work Ethics and life lessons.
  • Get a book for chess problems and combinations.