Benevolence Box

Our Vision

Our vision is to face the challenges of every new day by our principles and values. We provide a framework on how we work together, collaborate with others and make a positive difference to the community.

Our Mission

We collaborate with others because collectively we achieve more. We are courageous social pioneers who never give up in the pursuit of social change.


  • To build responsiveness among students about the social responsibilities.
  • To involve students with extracurricular activities ahead of academic part.
  • To serve the society in its possible need and perform the responsibilities to the society.
  • To generate opportunity of learning by doing for society.
  • To develop leadership skill among the students.
  • To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of students.
  • To organize different co-activities for and on behalf of the students.
  • To facilitate conductive academic environment in the campus.
  • Make students behaviourally refined and morally forthright by imbibing selfdiscipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, along with apt etiquette and essential life skills
  • Inculcate inter-personal skills that foster mutual co-operation, respect for authority, loyalty towards family, friends, and fellow citizens with a sense of responsibility that makes them sensitive towards the society and the environment.
  • Train students to be self-reliant, hardworking, resourceful, and industrious for achieving perfection in all tasks that they undertake.
  • Teach them to appreciate diversity in cultures and religions and adapt a harmonious collective living.
  • Induct practical thinking, general awareness, managerial abilities and leadership skills that aid them in goal setting for career and life.

Activities planned for the year

These activities aim to offer a chance for students to contribute to the society, learning to have a positive attitude towards the life.

Activities - Without Leaving the School
  1. Pack Backpacks - Students can pack backpacks with school supplies to give to less privileged schools around our city.
  2. Thank You Notes - Students can write thank you notes. These can be to soldiers overseas, police or firemen around our town or to our school janitors, cafeteria workers and staff.
  3. What I Learned - Arrange a time for students to go to a classroom of students in the grade below them. They can talk to the students about what they wish they had known when they were in that grade and give advice.
  4. Pack Lunches - Head to the cafeteria and pack bagged lunches for the school to donate to homeless shelters or others in need.
  5. Encouraging Notes - Students can create encouraging notes to leave in books in the school library to brighten someone’s day.
Activities - Outside the Classroom
  1. Read to Seniors - Head to a local nursing home and have our students practice their reading skills by reading to the residents.
  2. Take a Walk - Walk around our school’s campus (or even travel to another location) and pick up trash, making it beautiful!
  3. Charity 5K - Volunteer to help check runners in or hand out water at a race where people run to raise money for charity.
  4. Habitat for Humanity - Have our class help out with a Habitat for Humanity project for a field trip if they’re older. We could also hold a donation drive for items the family will need once they move into their new home.
  5. Toiletry Bags - Hand out bags of toiletries and non-perishable food to homeless people or others in need in our community.
Year-Round Projects
  1. Book Buddies - Partner with another class and create a book buddies system, where older children can help younger children practice their reading skills.
  2. Yardwork - An easy and practical way to help our community is by finding homes near our school with older or homebound residents and head over as a class every few weeks to help out with yardwork
  3. Fresh Food - Plant a garden at our school. When our produce starts to bloom, donate all the fresh food to a local food pantry or a place where access to fruits and vegetables isn’t very common.
  4. Food Pantry - Volunteer to sort donations at our local food pantry once a quarter as a class.
  5. Tech Teaching - Head to a local retirement community or senior centre once a month and help the residents learn to use the latest technology.
One-Time Large Projects
  1. Performance - If our students enjoy music or acting, coordinate with another school or preschool to bring in students to watch a performance! We can do a performance on an educational topic or just provide students with an afternoon of fun.
  2. Soup Kitchen - Travel to a local soup kitchen and cook a meal for those in need (or just visit with patrons if our class is younger).
  3. Fall Festival - Host a fall festival for families with children with special needs in the area to come and have a relaxing, fun day with their kids.
  4. Free Coffee and Hot Cocoa - If it’s wintertime, brighten the days of people in our community by handing out free coffee and cocoa on a cold day.
  5. Mural - Help our students paint a mural to brighten up our community or bring awareness to a cause that we think more people should know about.
Fundraising for a Cause
  1. Car Wash - Turn that standstill carpool line into a car wash, where parents pay a few dollars to get their car sprayed down and scrubbed at lightning speed! Donate all the proceeds to a good cause.
  2. Bake Sale - Students can sell baked goods during lunchtime or a school event and donate the proceeds to an issue that our class is passionate about.
  3. Service Auction - Students can auction off their time and talents (an hour of yardwork, a night of free babysitting, etc.) to raise money to donate to a cause.
  4. Yard Sale - Organize a community yard sale! Collect gently used clothes, furniture, household goods and more and plan for a weekend morning to have the big sale. Donate the money we make to underprivileged schools to buy supplies for their students.
  5. Movie Night - Host a movie night for the community on our school auditorium. Students can sell concessions and tickets for the event to raise money for a cause.

Benevolence Box Events  

World humanitarian day

World Humanitarian Day is an international day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as part of a Swedish-sponsored GA Resolution A/63/L.49 on the Strengthening of the Coordination of Emergency Assistance of the United Nations, and set as 19 August.