Panini Pilgrims


A linguistic society where the Ancient linguistic wisdom , grammar of Indian Vernacular languages TAMIL, HINDI and SANSKRIT etc. would be taught with reference to archaic texts blended with modern context and utility.


To visualize the various stages of art and culture from ancient era to modern era and to understand the ancient culture, civilization and architecture.


Engaging the students in various linguistic activities with the understanding of the past and the utilization of the modern technology.


  • To encourage the students to know the global dimension of art and culture and also how it is changed over time by giving and expression in applied language.
  • To gain Optimum sensory, acuity of Visual ,auditory , Cognitive analytical and Perspective capability through observing films, videos,audios, audiovisual , tutorial, documentary, travelogues etc.


  • World Humanitarian day
  • World Photography day
  • Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony
  • World Photography day
  • World International Girls child day
  • World Food day
  • Transport day
  • World Student day
  • Flag day
  • Kisan Diwas ( Farmer’s day )
  • Mother Language day

 Art Attic

Our Vision

The vision of the ART CLUB is to promote art in all its forms to the children

Our Mission

The mission is to provide our students with an art experience that will enhance their art education.


Students will develop arts skills. recognition of different materials. They can create something in their own, with confidence.

They learn to work with team and learn leadership skills