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Clubs help our students transform their social, mental, physical and spiritual skills. Club participation advances kids’ abilities beyond the classroom. Children get an opportunity to perfect their exchanges with their peers and teachers. They also have the chance to connect with professionals who are experts and learn from other talented students. Our clubs form the basis for lasting friendships, create a sense of community, which engenders the spirit of good citizenship. Through clubs we hone communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach how to work effectively with other individuals. Such extracurricular involvement builds the child’s personality. Our clubs encourage students to take on additional responsibility, beyond academics to achieve success. Participation herein, helps them to get into pedigreed institutions of higher learning and accrues benefits in the jobs they take up in future.

FIITJEE Global School Astronomy Club

For inciting interest in celestial marvels and everything in the universe that is beyond Earth's atmosphere, our Astronomy Club dons the mantle of inspiration.

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FIITJEE Global School Robotitan Club

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics learning is the future and shall see exponential growth in times to come. Through Robotitan FIITJEE Global School has integrated the subject to train the students in the field to be future-ready.

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FIITJEE Global School Mechanics Club

An ultra-modern Club that houses the best mechanical equipment that can be used for exploring and understanding engineering, physics and robotics concepts. Modelled on US Mechanical Clubs, this Club aims to inculcate hands-on learning in Mechanics and Physics by “Doing & Experimenting”.

FIITJEE Global School Shakespeare Society

The flagship Dramatics & Poetry Society of the School showcases the rich Shakespearean heritage by organizing Skits, Dramas, Extempore(s) and Elocutions. Participants would be encouraged to develop their English language skills and further develop their communication & oratorial skills.

FIITJEE Global School Chess Champions League

This would be eponymous with development of chess playing skills like Grandmaster Vishwanathan. From an early age Chess would be promoted to open up the minds of children to think beyond the obvious and anticipate the future moves that competition would make.

FIITJEE Global School Panini Pilgrims

A linguistic society where the ancient linguistic wisdom, grammar of Indian vernacular languages like Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit etc. would be taught with references to archaic texts blended with modern context and utility.

FIITJEE Global School Maha Yoga Club

Great emphasis is given to Yoga to sustain and benefit life of our students. This Club would organize Yoga events and showcase the deftness of our students at various state and national forums. A dedicated instructor would ensure the students’ journey from rookie level to expert level.

FIITJEE Global School Spell-a-thon Specials

A Spell-Bee kind of Club that takes the onus of improving the spelling ability of students. At advanced levels the members would be groomed for participating in Spelling competitions across the country and also represent in International Spelling events.

FIITJEE Global School Art Attic

A unique club to release the child's art potential. Here, the creative and craft capabilities are promoted for creating artistic geniuses. Bringing Art and Craft to life with focus on functional benefits helps club members create art for use in everyday living.

FIITJEE Global School Fashionista Hub

The place where we prepare children on personality development, articulation, dress-sense, etiquettes and power-grooming. This club chisels students into a complete masterpiece of “Right-Demeanour, Right-Attire”, for any occasion.

FIITJEE Global School Dance Dale

For promoting and developing the best dance genres in the world, this club blends all forms on a singular platform. Be it Indian or western, we have it all here. Children get accomplished in any dance of their liking and are able to increase body flexibility.

FIITJEE Global School Science Mania

Aligned to the myriad projects that the students would undertake this is the sanctum-sanctorum for science exploration and experimentation. This club invokes the spirit of scientific thinking in children, such that they are inventive and thoughtful.

FIITJEE Global School Benevolence Box

A social-work club where children participate in helping others and take up societal causes for building a better nation. Children learn empathy and the beauty of sharing & caring with the underprivileged, thereby creating goodness all around.

FIITJEE Global School Singalong

Unleash your vocal chords in this fantastic club that promotes singing talent development in various formats, forms and languages. This club urges students to hone their singing skills and experience the magic of solo and chorus rendtions.

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