FIITJEE Global School PhilosophyFIITJEE Global School Philosophy

Our Philosophy

FIITJEE Global School philosophy is holistic and profound, as it encompasses all aspects of life that transforms an individual into a well rounded personality.
We ardently believe in developing both mind and body such that our children grow up into healthy, thoughtful and winning adults. We have devised a framework for success that consists of SIX Pillars.

FIITJEE Global School Academic Excellence

“SUCCESS is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to Excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” FIITJEE Global School is committed to achieving superlative Academic Excellence. We are adopting the best curriculum, curating the best teachers and delivering value through innovative means. We have taken special care to handpick faculty who share the same rigor and discipline that we possess. Our innovative teaching methodology makes us deliver a very high value to the learning process and whet the inquisitive appetite of our students. Right from children’s initiation into schooling we focus on a differentiated learning paradigm whereby the child’s interest is kindled in diverse subjects. This curiosity and eagerness are sustained in subsequent years by introducing deeper concepts, thereafter leading to the development of historical perspectives, mathematical ability and logical thinking. A balanced world-view is what we instill over the course of the students’ school journey. In synchronization with our flagship company, FIITJEE’s legacy of superlative success in tough competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET and other entrance tests, FIITJEE Global School has natural affinity to unparalleled excellence in “Competitive Academics”. Our efforts in Academia would eventually manifest itself in stupendous results in Boards and Competitive Exams.

FIITJEE Global School Communication Skills

“Communication is the human connection that is the key to personal and career success”. “Good Communication skills not only build bridges but also take one to the pinnacle of success.” We at FIITJEE Global School give immense focus to the all-round development of communication capabilities. On one hand we develop the requisite expertise in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and on the other; we encourage the students to delve into public speaking, recitation, debating and group discussions. Our commitment to communication is such that we guarantee dexterity in at least two more languages apart from the ever important English language. We promote our students to opt for a second international language that would make them globally competitive. Our Department of English has been entrusted with the additional responsibility to hone the all round communication abilities and personality of students.

FIITJEE Global School Physical Fitness

“Sport is such a great teacher. It teaches camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences”.Sports creates character, builds character, and reveals character” is a truism and embodies the FIITJEE Global School approach to sports as a mechanism to not only keep fit but to also teach us self-discipline and lead to character building. We believe that sports spurs physical fitness as a discipline in life; hence we promote a myriad range of competitive anrnationally popular sports both within and outside the campus. We encourage students to take up at least one sport as a mandatory discipline. We envisage our children to partake in advanced & professional level sports championships and showcase their mettle. Our proposed association with prestigious sports bodies and institutions like MRF Academy, Pace Foundation, Mahesh Bhupathi Academy of Tennis etc. encourages our students to experience the very best in class facilities and develop their innate sporting talents like never before.

FIITJEE Global School Culture

“Culture is the curry that enhances the taste of life.” “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”. The famous words of Mahatma Gandhi inspire us. We try hard to instil the wisdom of our great Indian culture in our students. We are pledged to inculcate a high standard value system amongst the children that we nurture. We pride in our Indianness and bask in the glory of the ancient wisdom of our country’s diversity. Culture is built through active engagement in plays, workshops, skits, lectures, excursions and heritage expeditions etc. For a full understanding, kindly visit our Culture section; it would give further insight into our world of culture.

FIITJEE Global School Yoga and Meditation

“Yoga is not the option to a good life, it is the basis of a great life.” “When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady, but when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.” –Courtesy Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We practice and preach the tenets of Yoga and Pranayama in our schools as we believe that they increase physical, mental and spiritual fitness. The yogic kriyas and asanas are taught by maestros and certified professionals. We want our children to be psycho-physically fit such that they are forever sharp in their mind and body. Due care is taken to ensure age-appropriate yoga routines and special attention is given to safe practices that are child-friendly.

FIITJEE Global School Attitude and Personality

“The Altitude that you want to climb to is defined by your Attitude and Capacity for Hard work”. “Your attitude decides your altitude” is our credo and hence we take pains to nurture the right attitude in our children. Without the development of the right attitude, one can find it difficult to succeed in life. In order to achieve the balanced combination of a positive mental attitude and a personable personality, we calibrate the minds of the students. This is done through a minute observation by a panel of behavioural experts who try to unleash and develop the hidden talents of the students. Special emphasis is given to the flowering of amiable personality traits that lead to success. Our mantra is simple- “Foster the right attitude & let the personality blossom then success becomes the only outcome.”