FIITJEE Global School Robo Expresso

Robogenix Winter Workshop

27th- 28th Dec 2022 for Senior Grade & 29th Dec 2022 for Junior Grade at FIITJEE Global School, Vengambakkam, Chennai

1. Jumping Robot - for junior students

Jumping Robots mimic the movement of Rabbits.

A small slant body is built using bamboo and ice-cream stick, on to it, is housed a double shaft DC motor with a highly reduced gear box with 2 two bottle caps attached to it. With the help of a rubber band string, this housing is pulled towards the foot of the robot, and when released suddenly, the whole body jumps.

2. Voice Controlled Robot - for senior students

Voice-controlled robots are a new generation of automation technology that uses Bluetooth and Arduino to respond to voice commands. These robots can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks such as moving, picking up objects, and even communicating with other devices.