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Our Vision

We are passionate about equipping children with the skill they truly need to excel in our modern world. Our vision is to equip children with etiquettes understanding and practice so that they can embrace life with success

Our Mission

Our club classes for children are about to teach and discuss the etiquettes for society today where communication manner, respect and politeness win hearts and goals


To provide opportunity for realising one's potential through practical experience. to develope interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and adopt good leadership behaviour for empowerment of self and other


  • Story telling
  • Fashion show
  • Debut
  • Situation solving
  • Food carnival
  • Table setting

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Fashionista hub – etiquette

Etiquettes are the standards that specify the appropriate and polite manner to behave.

Manners are the thoughtful consideration of others' feelings. Whatever fork you use, if you possess that awareness, you are being polite.
Social grace is the appropriate and pleasant manner to conduct oneself in social settings. They include accepted manners and etiquette.
In addition to learning how to use polite expressions like "thank you," "please," "excuse me," and "sorry," our kids were also instructed to knock on doors to get into people's rooms.

In addition, they taught and encouraged teamwork.