Spell-A-Thon Club


The ultimate objective is to help our student to understand the language rules and patterns by identifying and analyzing their speech pattern and their pronunciations.


The mission is not to teach spelling, but to maximize each student’s potential to become critical readers and spellers.


Our vision is to help students develop their language skills and to create a place where the students can participate in global competitions
Learning to spell is one of the most important skills a child should learn. It is an essential skill that will help children in their future academic and professional lives. The importance of spelling test cannot be understated. They are an indicator of how well a child can spell and they help teachers identify which words the children have problems with. We help our students to compete in a supportive environment. This club will allow children to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. The learning process accompanying the spelling tests is likely to enhance your child's memory and allow your child to develop better learning skills, which can prove to be highly beneficial during higher education. Our spelling tests are designed to help students as well as adults to ace spelling exams at school and prepare for English competitions. We help our younger children with a range of strategies and ideas of how to learn spellings in memorable & enjoyable ways, any tricky words and rules that are the foundation for good writing. They also help children to be resilient when learning their spellings. and affinities as a performing artist with his/her own strengths and signature.

The different segments of spelling clubs

The first segment is vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most important aspect of any language as it contains all the necessary words to form sentences.

The second is phonetics. This segment teaches us how we can pronounce words, what are the sounds in a word and how they relate to each other a

The third is orthography. This teaches us how letters correspond to sounds in a word and how they form words and sentences on paper.

We also conduct spelling competitions every month to monitor the improvement of the spelling skill of our students.