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We are proud of our students from FIITJEE Global School, Vengambakkam who participated in the PACBOT - a Robotic Challenge held as a part of KURUKSHETRA, an international techno-management fest holding a UNESCO patronage organized by the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University.

Our students showed an immense passion for robotics as they took on the challenging competition. Although they did not win, we are proud of their efforts and passion for this event. Our students were also appreciated by the event organizers of the university.

KURUKSHETRA is a national platform, where many college students showcase their skills in various disciplines and with advanced technological tools and we are proud to see our students representing our school at such an event. The valuable experience, exposure, and knowledge from this event will surely elevate and benefit them for their future endeavors.

We congratulate our students on their participation and showcasing their skills and gaining valuable knowledge in robotics. We are confident that they will continue to excel in their pursuits and make us proud in the future!

Robo Expresso
Robo Expresso