Science Mania


Science club is a better forum for the students to realize their scientific aspiration and fulfill their question pursing science activities for which they do not get opportunities within the syllabus framework.


To build the next generation of scientific minds who will take India forward in leaps and bounds.


  • To ensure that students studying at FGS gets the best environment to inculcate a scientific temperament& develop conceptual supremacy
  • To develop an environment of experiential learning at school
  • To enable students to compete at national and international level science competitions
  • To encourage and guide students to excel in all competitive and scholastic exam.


  • To encourage the students to know the global dimension of art and culture and also how it is changed over time by giving and expression in applied language.
  • To gain Optimum sensory, acuity of Visual ,auditory , Cognitive analytical and Perspective capability through observing films, videos,audios, audiovisual , tutorial, documentary, travelogues etc.

Activities of Science Club

  1. Organizing lectures, debates, seminars, symposia
  2. Holding science exhibition and Fair
  3. Celebrating Birthdays of eminent Scientists
  4. Conducting Visual programs of a Scientific interest
  5. Arranging visit to places of scientific interest
  6. Preparing of charts, postures and model etc.
  7. Developing school garden
  8. Displaying Science new updates in school notice boards
  9. General Reading of scientific literature and journals


  1. It provides the opportunity for self- expression ,independent research ,constructive activities, etc
  2. It allows the students to work on their own ideas ,hobbies ,experiments ,etc
  3. There are no restrictions and the students can work on their own ideas with full freedom.
  4. It help the students to complete their curriculum in a subtle way.


The proper organization of the club is must for its successful functioning. It should have constitution. Science club has the following office bearers elected by the members.

  • President
  • Vice-president /Secretary/Joint- secretary/
  • Stock-keeper