FIITJEE Global School Smart Dustbin

The Smart Dustbin

This smart dustbin management system is built on a micro controller-based system having ultrasonic sensors on the dustbin. If dustbin is not maintained then these can cause an unhealthy environment and can cause pollution that affects our health. Keeping this in mind we students in FGS have proposed this idea and initiated the project in school. We have designed a smart dustbin using ARDUINO UNO, along with an ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, and battery jumper wire. After all hardware and software connections, now Smart Dustbin program will start working. The dustbin lid will open when someone comes near at some range then wait for the user to put the garbage and close it. This technology will help with health and hygiene. So that normal people to rich people can take benefit from it.

In today’s era, education is not only confined to read and write. The challenge and the demands in the education is not having knowledge, but it is also more about how impeccably one can present that knowledge. This is the reason the FIITJEE GLOBAL SCHOOL VELLORE leaving no stone unturned to help students to experiment with their knowledge and are providing them different opportunities to showcase their skills. These include exhibitions, seminars, projects, presentations, competitions, technical events etc. Creativity has now slaved knowledge and this fact is already realized by FIITJEE and gave wings to the ideas of students. Smart Dustbin works on the principle of object detection using an ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor transmits sound waves. These waves get reflected whenever an object comes into the vicinity of the sensor. This generates an electrical signal which is used to open the dustbin lid.