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Skyward Astronomy Club is a part of the FIITJEE Global schools. The club is organised for the educational and scientific purposes, for individuals and groups, the primary purpose is to develop and implement programs designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of astronomy for every interested individual,especially, here in Vengambakkam and Vellore campus and the local community. The club strives to quench a student's thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events such as StarParty (a fun-filled night of star-gazing), Planetarium visits, Quiztronomy , Telescope building and handling sessions


Date: 01st July, 2023


Date: 24th July, 2022


Date: 16-17 May 2022 (Chennai)
23-24 May 2022 (Vellore)


Date: 16th Jan, 2022


Date: 24th Dec, 2021


Date: 25th Sep 2021


Date: 03rd October 2021

Skyward expedition

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - On July 1st, the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, in collaboration with FIITJEE Global School, hosted a captivating mobile science exhibit that featured an innovative bus as its centerpiece. The event took place at Fiitjee Global School premises, where a variety of working exhibits were strategically placed around the bus, creating an engaging and immersive experience for attendees. Surrounding the bus were a multitude of working exhibits, carefully curated to showcase various scientific concepts and principles. From interactive experiments to informative displays, each exhibit offered a tangible and educational experience for the attendees. The combination of the mobile bus and the surrounding working exhibits created an engaging and dynamic environment that sparked curiosity and fostered scientific inquiry. Children and adults alike eagerly explored the exhibits, delving into the fascinating world of science.

From observing Electromagnetic induction to experimenting with simple machines, attendees had the opportunity to actively participate and learn in a fun and interactive manner. The mobile science exhibit successfully broke down barriers to access and brought the wonders of science directly to the people. The highlight of the exhibition was undoubtedly the inflatable planetarium, which transported young visitors on a breathtaking journey through space and time. Inside the dome, children were captivated by stunning visual projections of stars, planets, and galaxies, creating a truly immersive experience. The inflatable planetarium provided students with an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the universe and expand their knowledge of astronomy.

The collaborative initiative between the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre and Fiitjee Global School exemplifies their commitment to promoting scientific education and nurturing a culture of innovation among the youth. With such collaborative initiatives, Fiitjee Global School continues to reinforce its dedication to promoting scientific education and nurturing a culture of innovation among its students.

Expedition to the Solar system

In Association with the prestigious International Astronomical Union-IAU, France, FIITJEE Global School organized an event 'Expedition to the Solar system' a Space-based puzzle game in Vandalur Zoo with the aim of reaching Astronomy to the general public. The juncture was held on the 3rd of October. People of all age groups took part in the event with great excitement and curiosity.
The program was a grand success and the participants really loved it.
The participants were given FIITJEE branded solar goggles on the completion of the puzzle.

We made a 1:4,350,000,000 scale model of a solar system. Every planet was designed to the appropriate scale The volunteers were made to dress up and play their part representing each planet in the allotted displays (A questionnaire was provided to the participants that can be easily understood and answered as they succeed each planet/stall). Puzzles were organised in a way that it started from the sun and as they crack the puzzle they can move forward to the next planet/stall to explore up until the edge of the solar system.


In an attempt to gratify the Astrophiles of Vellore, Skyward Astronomy club of FGS along with VIT Residents Association organized a “Stargazing event” on 26th March at the community ground of their housing society. The persona of the event was proclivity for Amateur astronomy which was evident by parents also vying towards the event.

To celebrate and admire the beauty of the cosmos, we organized a star party at Vellore campus on 25th of September. On that evening, we had free digital theatre shows, quiz contests with giveaways and Stargazing. We had set our Maede 114mm telescope and 8” Dobsonian telescope towards the skies to observe planets and Deep sky objects. Although the weather was cloudy, it did eventually clear up and we were able to see Jupiter and Saturn. It was amazing to see Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its 4 moons so clearly through the scopes. Along with the planets, we also got a lovely view of the crescent Moon. Follow our page, more stargazing events to come!


SpaceTrek’22, A two-day summer camp with an astronomy gist that paved a roadmap to futuristic space career by FIITJEE Global school (Vellore Campus) on 16th & 17th of May and by FIITJEE Global School, Vengambakkam on 23nd and 24rd of May. The events were bracketed into Day 1 & Day 2 as per the age of the participants and were organized by the Skyward (Astronomy) Club of the school.

The participants of the workshop have learnt about the basics of rockets, how to make a Career in Astronomy and Astrophysics, they have made a telescope and observed the sun through it using solar filter, they have learnt how to make a rocket with household items and also created a rocket using chemicals.