Sports Fitness

How to leverage Sports for Physical Fitness & as a discipline in life?

FIITJEE Global School on August 19, 2019

Most schools in India are in the race to thrust as much of academics as possible, down the throat of hapless children. In primary, secondary and education beyond, the academia of our county (save some exceptions) lose sight of sports as an important requirement – not just for academic-cum-professional development but for enriching life itself! In the dictum that goes like, “If Wealth is Lost Nothing is Lost, if Health is Lost SOMETHING is lost! That something can come to mean EVERYTHING if health is in complete shambles. The last phrase of this adage “if Character is Lost All is Lost” has already been taken care of in FGS Philosophy Pillar No.3- on Right Attitude & Personality Traits.

Another aphorism that even takes a pot-shot on the first phrase of the earlier dictum announces that “Health is Wealth! From this standpoint health becomes the be-all and end-all of our existence. Without health, everything is meaningless. Hence, without sports, which embodies the means to a healthy life any education can hardly be called holistic. Ill-health hinders a child’s progress in studies defeating the very purpose of education in school. As we can see that health and fitness precede almost all other priorities of life, sports to usher in exuberant existence has become the corner stone in the upbringing of children.

At FIITJEE Global School we believe in the saying “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” and easily correlate the fact that Cognitive and Motor developments are directly proportional to robust health which in turn is proportional to the fitness and nutrition regimen applied. This constitutes the Pillar No. 4,of our School philosophy i.e. “Sports for Physical Fitness as a discipline in life.”

Sports & games often have the last place, or no place at all, in general school ecosystem. Hence, not all the students take an active part even in the infrequent PE periods. At best, some students play the games of their choice in an unstructured/unplanned way. But we ensure, an earnest and well-planned participation in physical activities which is crucial for the holistic development of young children. Such an approach nurtures their physical, social, emotional as well as intellectual growth.

Might is Right! Maxim prods FIITJEE Global School to go in for a well-defined program for fitness and sports. Furthermore, we integrate this into the annual curriculum of our school. Well qualified and experienced staff with diligence & dedication routinely administer the activities and education of sports, games & exercises to promote excellence in health and fitness.

The right equipment, infrastructure and facilities complement our Sports curriculum. The regular rigours of pedagogy, exercises, tests and periodic evaluation are observed meticulously. In addition, students’ special flair and talent are identified and nurtured to perform and win beyond the boundaries of the school. The exceptional talents will be channeled to outside professional forums for pursuing their ambition at national and international levels.

“Sports creates character, builds character, and reveals character” is a truism and embodies the FIITJEE Global School approach to sports as a mechanism to not only keep fit but to also teach us self-discipline and lead to character building. We believe that sports spurs physical fitness as a discipline in life, hence we promote a myriad range of competitive and internationally popular sports both within and outside the campus. We encourage students to take up at least one sport as a mandatory discipline. We envisage our children to partake in advanced & professional level sports championships and showcase their mettle. Our proposed association with prestigious sports bodies and institutions like MRF Academy, Pace Foundation, Mahesh Bhupathi Academy of Tennis etc. entourages our students to experience the very best in class facilities and develop their innate sporting talents like never before.

At FIITJEE Global School there is a healthy overlap of sports-theory and the practice of ethics, morals and values from the classroom on to the grounds. This translates into building character and teamwork. There is no ‘I’ in our team which may be expanded as ‘Together Everyone Achieves More!’ Values imbibed herein include cooperation, sensitivity, respect to others, self-worth, sense of pride, time management, setting & going after tough tasks, victory with grace, defeat with elegance, leadership, taking responsibility, etc.

This world is all about Survival of the Fittest! In sync with the Darwinian theory we are pursuing Health and Fitness as a Discipline in our schools. We help children develop motor abilities such as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility and poise & balance to be competent in games and sports. Additionally, the cognitive skills of techniques, tactics, strategy and orderliness we target to develop alongwith organizing skills.

Fit as a Fiddle! That is how our students are as they are pumped up to be highly energetic & efficient, effective & productive. They exhibit the epitome of passion & perseverance on the one hand and patience & resilience on the other. We make our students commit to be fit : as an evidence, their bodies achieve what their minds desire and their minds believe in achieving tasks that are apparently unachievable for others.

Our campuses are the Happening Places for exercises, games, sports, wellness & environment. School’s healthy sports environment, clean air, water, sanitation, safety measures and regular PE promotes all-round health & hygiene, This results in superlative performance on the field and in the class.