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Reasons Why FIITJEE Global School Is The Ideal Fit For Your Child

favicon FIITJEE Global School on October 04, 2021

A life-saving doctor, a successful painter, an accomplished engineer, a famous dancer, a tech ninja, an illustrious astronomer or an Olympic sportsperson - what does your child want to be when they grow up? Every parent wants to add wings to their children’s dreams. Parents want their children to become well-rounded individuals, soar high and achieve whatever they set their minds to.

While there is no doubt that you only want the best for your child, the real question is, how do you give them the opportunities to become the best versions of themselves?

The right school plays a pivotal role in creating a strong foundation on which your child can build their future. FIITJEE Global School is a holistic educational institution designed to give children a winning chance at life. Enrolling your child at FIITJEE Global School can be the best decision you make for them.

The Legacy Of FIITJEE Group

FIITJEE, a name ubiquitous with competitive exam preparation, was started 30 years ago by Mr D K Goel, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Delhi. It had a humble beginning as a forum for IIT-JEE, with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for serious JEE aspirants. Over the decades, it has grown to become an educational institution to be reckoned with. With a network Pan-India, FIITJEE Group’s mission is to bring opportunities to students across the globe and become the world’s best institution that has been transforming millions of lives.

A constant guiding force for every student, FIITJEE has shaped the minds, careers and lives of hundreds of pupils. The illustrious alumni of FIITJEE have gone on to become IAS officers, flight lieutenants, researchers, software engineers, doctors, police officials, and technology professionals leading the fields of artificial intelligence, data sciences, blockchain, among others.

A lot of these eminent ex-students today work at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Yahoo, HSBC, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan Chase, Adobe, Salesforce, etc., and are driving innovation and transforming the business world as we know it.

Preparing Children For Life

If you too hope for your child to reach the sky and lead accomplished lives as these FIITJEE Alumni, you need to give them the right tools and opportunities to blossom. You can do so by enrolling or transferring them to FIITJEE Global School immediately. The six pillars that the school stands on have the potential to transform your child’s life. Let’s see how.

FIITJEE Global School believes in the philosophy of holistic development that seeks to cultivate students’ emotional, social, spiritual, and academic needs. Its framework on interdisciplinary growth will ensure your child grows up to be a healthy, thoughtful and successful adult.

Total Academic Excellence

FIITJEE Global School’s innovative pedagogy driven by handpicked educators enables students to deliver stellar academic achievements in Board and Competitive exams. The school’s experiential learning modules can kindle your child’s interest in diverse subjects from the time they are initiated in the schooling system and is sustained subsequently as they delve deeper over the years.

Effective Communication Skills

The school pays special attention to the all-round development of communication skills. Not just speaking, reading and writing, but listening as well. Students are encouraged to participate in various forums such as public speaking, recitation, debating and group discussions. FIITJEE Global School makes sure that children gain dexterity in at least two languages, in addition to the primary language - English.

Focus On Physical Fitness As A Discipline In Life

“Sports creates character, builds character, and reveals character” is a truism and embodies the FIITJEE Global School’s approach to sports and physical fitness as a mechanism to ensure students imbibe it as a discipline for life. Students are encouraged to take up at least one sport as a mandatory discipline and compete wherever the opportunity presents. The school’s world-class sporting infrastructure, such as badminton court, squash court, cricket nets with the auto balling machine, basketball court, archery, tennis court, table tennis and chess, as well as proposed tie-ups with the country’s leading sports academies and institutions, such as MRF Academy, Mahesh Bhupathi Academy of Tennis etc., can help nurture your child’s innate talents and kindle many new ones.

Inculcate The Right Value System

FIITJEE Global School provides a unified ecosystem where children are not only drivers of change and innovation but also keepers of our culture and traditional wisdom. Regular engagement through workshops, skits, lectures, excursions and heritage expeditions can ensure your child excels academically, socially, culturally, psychologically and spiritually.

Ensure Optimal Physical And Mental Fitness

The school preaches and practices the tenets of Yoga, Pranayama, kriyas, asanas with the belief that it increases physical, mental and spiritual fitness. The kriyas and asanas are taught by yogis with decades of experience, and due care is taken to ensure age-appropriate yoga routines. Yoga can lay the bedrock of a great life and ensure your child remains forever sharp in their mind and body.

Develop A Winning Attitude

“Your attitude decides your altitude” is the school’s credo, and it constantly strives to calibrate the minds of students. The goal is to instil a positive mental attitude in them and develop an amiable personality. The school’s panel of behavioural experts act as the catalyst and works on every single student. This will allow your child to blossom in their own unique way and set them on the path to success.

Giving Them The Tools They Need

FIITJEE Global School has a unique pedagogy. It imparts education that is skill-based, contemporary and at par with global standards. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). While the Board decides the curriculum, the school takes a more scientific approach to teaching and provides indigenous content to students.

The school emphasises on the project and research-based learning to ensure clarity of concept and application of knowledge. This is miles apart from the mugging route that is followed by the majority of educational institutions in India. The faculty pushes students to ask questions to develop their critical thinking and goes beyond textbooks to focus on real-life experience and application, in line with the philosophy of Experiential Learning.

Additionally, FIITJEE Global School has a top-notch infrastructure to facilitate the well-being and growth of students. The school has spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, well-stocked libraries, sprawling playgrounds, up-to-date laboratories, and a lot of green space, among other things. Moreover, it is technologically up-to-date to ensure seamless digital delivery and augmented real and virtual classroom experience. The entire premise also conforms to global safety standards.

Setting Kids Up For Success

Activity groups and clubs designed for children offer many benefits. They help your children in making new friends and practise social skills with peers. They enable children to acquire new skills or pursue a favourite hobby or activity and instil emotions of competence and pride, which boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Some children join clubs to help the community, others like the competitive atmosphere of childhood sports. With a strong belief that club participation advances children’s abilities beyond the classroom, FIITJEE Global School offers many formal clubs across interest areas that your child can participate in.

From robotics, coding to astronomy, English literature, and more, the school ensures there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the remarkable clubs the school supports.

FIITJEE Global School Astronomy Club

This astronomy club inspires students to explore celestial marvels and the infinite universe via the ultra-modern lab and equipment that the school boasts, with the goal to encourage future astronomers, aeronautical engineers, researchers, climatologists, etc.

FIITJEE Global School Robotics Club

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and robotics are the future. This club exposes students to these vocations, gives them access to various robots through its ultra-modern lab to provide offhand experience, and prepares them to have flourishing careers in future-proof industries.

FIITJEE Global School Coding Club

Kids as young as 10 years are coding today. This club teaches students the basics of coding and encourages them to create their own app in a field that interests them. This pushes them to think, process, innovate and may be even become young entrepreneurs.

FIITJEE Global School Mechanics Club

This club provides hands-on learning in mechanics and physics. It houses the best mechanical equipment to help students understand the concepts of engineering, physics, robotics, and more.

FIITJEE Global School Shakespere Club

This club makes accessible to the students the works of the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist, William Shakespeare. It organises dramas, elocutions and more to develop the students’ English skills.

FIITJEE Global School Science Club

This club ignites curiosity, invokes scientific thinking and encourages children to be inventive. By helping them undertake practical experiments, it not only sparks their interest in the brilliant world of science but also plays a pivotal role in their intellectual development.

FIITJEE Global School Sports Club

This club not only helps students be fit but also teaches them self-discipline and helps build their character. It provides them with the right training and guidance in competitive sports such as cricket, volleyball, squash, tennis, basketball and badminton.

FIITJEE Global School Panini Club

To ensure our cultural heritage doesn’t get lost, this linguistic club imparts the wisdom of traditional languages such as Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit. To make it relatable to young minds, it teaches ancient texts with modern context and utility.

FIITJEE Global School Yoga Club

For centuries, yoga has proved to have endless physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. This club introduces children to yoga from a young age and helps them grow into well-rounded young adults.

FIITJEE Global School Benevolence Club

There is beauty in sharing, caring and giving. This social service club teaches children to have empathy and think of others’ right from a young age. It allows them to participate in social causes, help the underprivileged and contribute to nation building.

Additionally, the school also offers clubs such as Chess Champions League, Fashionista, Spell-a-thon, Art Attic, Dance Dale, Singalong.

All these clubs help students hone their communication skills, foster creative thinking and teach them how to work effectively with each other. They create a sense of community and form the basis for lasting friendships.

Showing Them The Right Career Path
Khalil Gibran strongly advocated, “Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream.”

FIITJEE is part of its students’ journeys not just during their basic education but beyond. It provides them with robust training for competitive exams to ensure they go on to have flourishing careers. From ninth grade onwards, it offers training for:

IITJEE, now known as JEE Advanced, is an entrance exam that students take to pursue undergraduate courses leading to a Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s or Bachelor-Master Dual Degree in Engineering, Sciences, or Architecture at any of the 23 IIT institutes across the country. With decades of experience under its belt, FIITJEE Global school trains students to clear this exam with Top Ranks

Scholastic Aptitude Test ( SAT ) is a standardised test widely used for college admissions in the USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong and some colleges in India. Taking the SAT exam is a requirement for admission to most top-ranked colleges and universities. The test assesses the readiness of a student for college. FIITJEE Global school inheriting its ability from www.usaunivquest.com thoroughly prepares students for the SAT to get into the Harvard, Stanford and MITs of the world.

Formerly known as the All-India Pre-Medical Test, NEET is the National Eligibility Entrance Test students need to take if they wish to pursue an undergraduate medical course in India. FIITJEE meticulously coaches students so they can crack the NEET and can enter premier medical institutes of India.

It also prepares them for exams such as NDA (National Defence Academy), to get into the training institute to join the Indian Armed Forces, and CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), a centralised national level entrance test for admissions to 22 National Law Universities in India, among others.

In Closing

Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child’s future. This is the place they will enter at the tender age of 3 years and graduate at 18. The 15 most crucial years of their lives will be spent here, and it is absolutely imperative that it is the right environment for their growth – academically, physically, spiritually and mentally. FIITJEE Global School shapes and transforms your child at every step of the way, so they become well-rounded individuals and get ahead in life. The school instils a belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Whether it is becoming a doctor, engineer, astronaut, civil servant, businessman, sports personality, lawyer or army officer - FIITJEE Global School helps make their dreams come true.

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