Imagine a school that promotes a unique and positive learning culture

FIITJEE Global School on November 18, 2020

A school that is refreshingly different, where students do not get bored with monologue-based lectures. A school where children don’t get dazed by loads of unimaginative homework and they look forward to attending school with energy & enthusiasm. A place where an abundance of modern resources aid children to explore themselves in myriad way and express themselves fearlessly. That dream school is here for your child. Introducing FIITJEE Global School, where children learn to create a better self in a very conducive environment. As per the need of the pandemic times we have innovated, conceptualized and formulated a very safe environment, hybrid education system that recognizes the offline-online combination needs of imparting learning to students. Additionally, we nurture unique talents of students and hone them in the best possible way so that they can actualize their dreams into reality. We reiterate that FIITJEE Global School, works on a unique Six Tenets of Excellence Philosophy that takes care of all-round development of a child. It is all encompassing and holistic:

  • Total Academic Excellence for high IQ.
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills.
  • Sports for Physical Fitness as a discipline in life.
  • Live the Culture to inculcate Right Value System & High EQ.
  • Yoga and Meditation for physical, mental and spiritual fitness.
  • Developing Winning Attitude Essential for success.

To revolutionize education forever we are adopting the best-in-class infrastructure, technology, innovation, modern curriculum, industry linkages and ancient wisdom with principles that can transform the life of every child. We are following the CBSE framework with improvisations for 21st Century readiness. Our illustrious pedigree & lineage helps us deliver excellence in all forms of Education that we undertake, and we shall truly keep this promise for all times to come.