Indian Cultures

Why should culture be studied in Schools?

FIITJEE Global School on August 24, 2019

At the outset, the study of culture and its correlation to achieving success in life may sound outlandish. But, on closer scrutiny one may find that there is a vital link between cultural awareness and success in life.

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” – goes the popular slogan from none other than the great Swami Vivekananda. His exhortation to mankind is steeped in the cultural ethos of the Vedas. We, at FIITJEE Global School, take great pains to explain the importance of Indian culture to our students, such that they grow up as mature and enlightened adults. This awareness, impels them to get interested in delving deep into the roots of Indian culture and study the glorious past. Culture teaches children to accept diversity, discover their inner being, stay healthy and focus on their goals in life. The objectives for the budding children in our schooling system are: Vibrant Health, Wisdom, Welfare and Wealth creation for self & society! These objectives make them strive not just for themselves but for the entire humanity.

Towards this noble end, our students receive systematic instruction on culture, tradition and ethnic practices so that they imbibe the precious value-systems of our country. The Epics and humongous Indian literature encourage ethics and morality as a code of conduct. FIITJEE Global School education, through such a curriculum and execution of virtuous practices shapes children into committed and invaluable citizens, who are slated to usher in enormous growth for our country.

“Culture is the curry that enhances the taste of life.” “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”. These famous words Mahatma Gandhi inspires us. We try hard to instill the wisdom of our great Indian culture in our students. We are pledged to inculcate, a high standard value system amongst the children that we harness. We pride in our Indianness and bask in the glory of the ancient wisdom of our country’s diversity.

The unique geography of our country as a peninsula with its sheer wealth of nature (fauna & flora, etc) are understood and appreciated by the students EnRoute to learning the country’s rich traditions. Planned studies and visits expose the students to India’s world-famous sites, structures and monuments of heritage. India as a secular state, stands for democracy, justice, liberty, equality, fostering values of forbearance, benevolence, charity, equanimity and co-existence. This becomes a major take-away for our students. Side by side, they learn the values of dignity, patriotism, integrity, empathy and self-esteem.

The myriad languages & dialects, religions & denominations, races & ethnicity, fairs & festivals, rites & rituals, cuisines & culinary methods, are the very dichotomy and harmony of our primordial nation. Among the most ancient civilizations, our country is known, inter-alia, for its unique freedom struggle, ahimsa, civil disobedience & non-cooperation as weapons against oppression. FIITJEE Global School students are indoctrinated on all these facets of our country.

India’s richest tradition of mathematics, astronomy, architecture, classical music, folk dance, street theatre, ancient & popular games played traditionally, art & craft, drawings, paintings & sculptures, handicrafts, cottage industry like knitting, weaving, pottery & agriculture- bring out the human worth and advancement in a healthy and buoyant way. Our students, realize the worth of these and imbibe them in their daily lives. Indian alternative medicines like Ayurveda & Siddha prove to be a panacea for many chronic illnesses that have no cure in modern medicine. Understanding of these alternative methods of healing enriches their interest and preserves the know-how for the future generations. Such kind of interest can shape the life of children to undertake research pursuits later in time.

In FIITJEE Global School culture is also built through active engagement in plays, workshops, skits, lectures, excursions and heritage expeditions. Most youth, by and large are ambivalent as they struggle to prioritize their career choices, in India or abroad. In order to mould the young minds into the right path that will lead to individual and national growth, we impress on our students, the stupendous strengths of our culture and values, through all aspects of the 5th Pillar of our education philosophy.

We tick all the right boxes for the student community. Whether these young children gradually grow into walls of strength within the country or go overseas to be among the successful diaspora; their abilities, skills and talents get harnessed through their systematic planning, ardent hard work, family-community-country bonding, and a never-say-die dedication towards overall prosperity !