Ideal School

What Should An Ideal School Have for Your Child?

favicon FIITJEE Global School on August 13, 2019

As discerning parents, you have several perceptions about schools. Some Schools you find only focussed on Academics, others on extra-curricular, a few on Sports or maybe on personality development. You struggle to find that Ideal School where every important parameter is taken care of. We, at FIITJEE Global School, have developed a unique philosophy that has a focus on all the elements of a successful life and much more. We have structured this unique philosophy under the Six Pillars of Excellence.

  • Academic Excellence.
  • Enabling Good Communication Skills.
  • Developing Right Attitude & Personality traits required for success.
  • Sports for Physical Fitness as a discipline in life
  • Culture to be studied to inculcate Value System for success
  • Yoga and Meditation for physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

We would explore the nuances of each pillar one by one in the subsequent posts. But, we would like to elaborate on the all-encompassing development that we are targeting vide our foray into formal Schooling. Our first two sprawling campuses are coming up in Chennai and Vellore this year itself wherein we shall admit students from Nursery to Class VIII for AY 2020-21 and subsequently for Class IX to XII in the upcoming years thereafter.

We would nurture our students to excel in any vocation of their choice and remain culturally-rooted & physically fit in the process. We offer that rare combination of developing both mind and body along with the right mix of ethics, honesty and righteousness. We want our children to be good citizens as well as leaders in their chosen field. Our learning and delivery methodology is such that we are able to identify the traits of students at an early age and then create pathways to higher centres of learning or vocations that suit them. Your children do not endeavour alone in their path to a career, but we too toil along and guide them hand in hand.

Our Industry and professional linkages are well defined and we would try to provide the maximum exposure in every arena that a 21st-century learner may be interested in.
To cater to our distinctive requirements, in terms of faculty and academic resources, FIITJEE Global School is creating its own Teachers’ Training Academy, as well.

FIITJEE Global School is poised to start its student intake by October end, this year. The Admissions process would be launched with a big-bang & great fanfare. FIITJEE, the iconic brand in education has been a leader in tough competitive examinations like IITJEE and NEET for over a quarter of a century. Founded in 1992 by its maverick Chairman, Mr. D.K. Goel, it has a pan India footprint. Scores of FIITJEE alumni routinely make it to prestigious engineering & medical colleges like IITs, AIIMS and other Ivy League institutions.