Why is good schooling important for your child?

FIITJEE Global School on November 27, 2020

Good schooling is important for children as it shapes their destinies & future success in a big way. Hence, the must haves in a good school are not only the physical infrastructure and facilities but more so, the preponderance of soft variables like attitudinal edifice, confidence building measures, equal opportunities and limitless explorations. At FIITJEE Global School we nurture the sense of inquisitiveness & enquiry in our children such that they learn to explore and discover knowledge in the best possible way. We have an evaluation system that calibrates the growth of children in terms of milestones achieved in every grade. Another aspect that we pride on is leisured learning, though we work under the CBSE framework, we attach special attention to learning at an individual pace. We leverage every enjoyable opportunity to impart knowledge in a leisurely & pleasant way for all subjects including history, geography, mathematics, science et al. We identify the core skill sets of children and guide them to the most suitable pathways to higher education. Every conceivable vocation, be it management, law, engineering, medical, design, music, sports, performing arts et al are encouraged and mentored for student pursuance. We have adopted the best curriculum, curating the best teachers and delivering value through innovative means. We have taken special care to handpick faculty who share the same rigor and discipline that we possess.

Our innovative teaching methodology makes us deliver a very high value to the learning process and whet the inquisitive appetite of our students. Right from children’s initiation into schooling we focus on a differentiated learning paradigm whereby the child’s interest is kindled in diverse subjects. This curiosity and eagerness are sustained in subsequent years by introducing deeper concepts; thereafter leading to the development of historical perspectives, mathematical ability and logical thinking. A balanced worldview is what we instil over the course of the students’ school journey.