Communication Skills

Whatever it takes to Enable Good Communication Skills! Here's how we do it

FIITJEE Global School on August 19, 2019

Good communication skill is a sure-fire ticket to success in life. For many individuals, communicating effortlessly is a challenge that they cannot surmount. Getting tongue-tied or groping for the right words- puts many people at the receiving end in most situations. This results in poor self-confidence and often causes depression when feeble communicators find themselves being made the butt of jokes. Effective Communication is a two-way process where one has to learn to listen attentively and speak at the opportune moment, with a choice of content suitable for a meaningful response. We at FIITJEE Global School, recognize this twin-tiered method of communication and have developed international standard methodologies to hone the communication skills of our students. We assign focus to both verbal and non-verbal elements of communication which leads to the enhancement of a child’s body language, posture, intonation and right verbalization.

We are taking a rounded, Three-Sixty-Degree view of Good Communication and providing inputs to sharpen language proficiency in English, French, German, Tamil, Sanskrit, Hindi and other vernacular languages.

FIITJEE Global School is entering K-12 education with a vision to change the approach to communication. We encourage the students to be fearless and drop their hesitation and self-consciousness. This makes them confident and self-assured individuals. Stage fright, fear of sounding phoney, laboured pronunciation etc. become a thing of the past as our children get accustomed to large platform exposures with clockwork regularity. Our world-class methods and programs create opportunities for our children and they graduate to become more articulate. There is a roadmap for every class that benchmarks international levels to calibrate the progress of children. Enabling Good Communication is the Second Pillar of Our Six Pillared Philosophy of School Life. We shall be unfurling the Third philosophy in the next post. Keep an eye on this space!

We trust in the axiom that “Communication is the human connection that is the key to personal and career success” and find that Good Communication skills not only build bridges but also take one to the pinnacle of success. Our immense focus on the all-round development of communication capabilities gives up fantastic results. On one hand, we develop the requisite expertise in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing and on the other; we encourage the students to delve into public speaking, recitation, debating and group discussions. Our commitment to communication is such that we guarantee dexterity in at least two more languages apart from the ever-important English language. We promote our students to opt for a second international language that would make them globally competitive. Our Department of English has been entrusted with the additional responsibility to hone the holistic communication abilities and personality of students.

FIITJEE Global School Motto :
“The art of Effective Communication is the Language of Leadership”