Attitude and Personality

How to Develop the Right Attitude & Personality Traits required for Success?

Favicon FIITJEE Global School on August 13, 2019

It is common knowledge that your attitude defines your altitude i.e. the highest success or position that you can achieve in life. The best organizations today “Hire people for Attitude and train them for skills.” If one numbers the letters of the English alphabet sequentially where A stands for 1 and Z for 26; then qualities like HARDWORK sum up to 98, KNOWLEDGE adds up to 96. It is the only ATTITUDE that measures to a perfect 100. But, the question is how do we Develop Right Attitude & Personality Traits that are required for success in life? We will show how Attitude & Personality can be developed. This incidentally is the Third Pillar of FIITJEE Global School’s Philosophy.

The Child is the Father of the Man! – William Wordsworth averred long ago. These are humbling words- this paradoxical but famous quote can be interpreted as follows: The healthy attitudes and the positive traits instilled and nurtured in the children will govern their characters & behaviours when they grow up. Hence, childhood bears great significance in the image, respect and fortunes of a man. After all, as the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined.

First of all, children must be brisk, bouncy, and inquisitive with a definite sense of self-worth and self-esteem. At FIITJEE Global School, we nurture the children to be vibrant and vivacious, so their observation, learning, practice and growth are on the right path. We encourage the children’s curiosity to pave the way for proper exposure to academics and the world around them. Self-worth and self-esteem are ingrained in the students, so they grow to become confident individuals.

We ensure, that our children are not afflicted by shyness, hesitation, fear, and the like. They may be stunned by trials and tribulations of life but they don’t get down and out. We address the children’s uncertainties & tentativeness tactfully in order to make children forthcoming, open and bold. Our students also learn that obstacles and struggles are an integral part of our life but we’ve to take them in our stride to overcome them with our conscious efforts.

Our students are groomed to have perseverance and endurance as their strength. These are the bulwarks on which Attitude is built. Further, attitude is also nurtured by positive acceptance of others. “Love thy neighbour as thyself”! This biblical axiom translates into a healthy coexistence of mankind. We at FIITJEE Global School, promote harmonious amalgamation of diversity thereby shaping attitudes of our pupils. In addition, a code of polite conduct towards everyone is a way of winning the admiration of others fosters mutual love & affection and a sense of togetherness among our students so that a highly healthy environment of interaction prevails.

Our teaching guarantees that etiquette becomes the language of manners for the student community. They are mandated to voluntarily exhibit politeness, compassion and a helping tendency to one another. Due respect to the elders is a part of their attributes.

Honesty, Discipline, Commitment and Passion make the foundation for Success! This is not an adage but a living maxim that we practice. FIITJEE Global School Students are conditioned to be punctual, responsible, reliable and diligent as they understand the value of integrity and dedication. Our children are fired up for the outstanding pursuit of learning and superlative performance.

Healthy habits have a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional health and have a pride of place in Shaping Attitude. We make our children aware of the practices for excellent health and absolute hygiene. Our meticulous practices include clean toilet habits, dental care, healthy food habits, and steps of preventive healthcare.

“An unexamined life is not worth living!” – Socrates said aeons ago, but the message still holds meaning. Education and Student Life provide ample opportunities to explore and get excited about learning subtler and newer aspects of life. This too shapes attitude.

We stoke the students’ fascination to explore the subjects and venture into areas beyond the syllabus. Our students will not be upset by setbacks but bounce back to set things right. Similarly, they will not rest on their past laurels as there is no room for complacency. They will keep pushing their thresholds of learning and performing better.

When a child experiences all-round growth of Positive Personality Traits, he/she is empowered to be a winner all the way. This way the child is skillfully trained to perform at a higher level. Everyone has high ambitions for their lives but when ambitions overtake performance, the gap gives way to frustrations. However, if performance overtakes ambitions, it is Success all the way.

FIITJEE Global School students are groomed in every aspect of Attitude Development to become world beaters and get pole positions in their careers.