Want your child to excel in Academics? Here is how you can do it...

FGS Favicon FIITJEE Global School on August 13, 2019

All parents dream to see their children do well in academics and succeed in life. For many parents, these dreams become nightmares when they find that their kids struggle with their studies or have no interest in learning. The prime causes of this kind of tussle with books or disinterest in important subjects are THE SCHOOL the children go to and THE TEACHERS who teach them. Does that sound alarming? or even blasphemous?

We are not berating the schools or the teachers therein but are commenting on the systems that are in vogue, where the curiosity of the child is not tickled enough, and interest generation is not even considered as important.

We at FIITJEE Global School, are entering formal education with a view to transforming the way learning is imparted. We believe in lighting the flame of curiosity and interest in every child that we educate. There are out-of-box ideas, methods and delivery techniques that arrest the attention of our children and make learning fun. We touch upon the basics and then take the students along the path of discovery, analysis and finally to enlightenment. Academic Excellence is one of the Pillars of Our Six Pillared Philosophy of School Life. We shall be unveiling the philosophies one by one, in the subsequent posts. Watch this space!

We believe in the time-tested adage that “SUCCESS is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

FIITJEE Global School is committed to achieve superlative Academic Excellence. We are adopting the best curriculum, curating the best teachers and delivering value through innovative means. We have taken special care to handpick faculty who share the same rigour and discipline that we possess. Our innovative teaching methodology makes us deliver very high value to the learning process and whet the inquisitive appetite of our students. Right from children’s initiation into schooling, we focus on a differentiated learning paradigm whereby the child’s interest is kindled in diverse subjects. This intense curiosity and eagerness are sustained in subsequent years by introducing deeper concepts; thereafter leading to the development of historical perspectives, mathematical ability and logical thinking. A balanced worldview is what we instil over the course of the students’ school journey. In synchronization with our flagship company, FIITJEE’s legacy of superlative success in tough competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET and other entrance tests, FGS has a natural affinity to unparalleled excellence in “Competitive Academics”. Our efforts in Academia would eventually manifest itself in stupendous results in Boards and Competitive Exams.

FIITJEE Global School pledge: