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Vellore Wall Of Fame


FIITJEE Global School is launching a merit identification & rewards contest for all children of Vellore & adjoining areas in the age group 3 to 14 years. Children are invited to participate in this fabulous contest and showcase their subject knowledge. Students can choose one favourite subject and play an Online Video Call quiz with our subject specialist quizmasters. There are three levels- Silver, Gold and Diamond. At each level there are attractive prizes, medallions and gift hampers. Participants can get learning material to enhance their studies. Quiz Cards shall be given to all participants.

Contest Methodology-

Each enrolled participant would be requested for a first round Whatsapp video call-based test on the chosen subject in accordance with the grade the child is studying in. There would be ten questions asked by the evaluating teacher.

On scoring a certain percentage the student would be classified under various Categories like Silver, Gold or Diamond.

  1. Silver Petal-
    1. Featuring in Wall of Fame as Silver Petal badge owner. Take a picture.
    2. Silver Petal metallic badge.
    3. Silver Petal Certificate.
    4. Get a Subject Quiz booklet.
    5. One upgrade attempt is available.
  2. Gold Petal-
    1. Featuring in Wall of Fame as Gold Petal badge owner.
    2. Gold Petal metallic badge.
    3. Get a Subject Quiz booklet.
    4. Gold Petal Certificate.
    5. Get a gift hamper free of cost.
    6. One upgrade attempt is available.
  3. Diamond Petal-
    1. Featuring in Wall of Fame as Diamond Petal badge owner.
    2. Diamond Petal metallic badge.
    3. Get a Subject Quiz booklet.
    4. Diamond Petal Certificate.
    5. Get a gift hamper free of cost.
    6. Rs 10000/- cash prize.

Registration Fee applicable would be Rs 100/- per student. All proceeds from the contest registrations would go into charity to some pre-identified Government Relief Fund/Trust/NGO.

Process of getting the rewards, books, gifts, badges etc.:

  • Walk-in to the FGS Vellore campus with ID proof and registration details.
  • Collect the rewards in person alongwith parent.
  • NOTE: Adequate Social distancing & Covid-19 safety protocols are being observed in the FIITJEE Global School campus.

  1. This contest is open for all children in the age group of 3 to 14 years as on 1st July 2020.
  2. Top performers to be eligible for Category wise selections.
  3. The winners would be selected basis:
    • Relative scores achieved.
  4. In case of 100% score achieved by more than 40 contestants, the management reserves the right to set a lower cut-off scores for ascertaining the Silver/Gold winners.
  5. Overage participants shall not qualify for prizes.
  6. Duplicate entries shall not be considered for prizes. It is recommended that no one registers and attempts the contest with two different mobile numbers. In such cases the first entry shall be treated as valid.
  7. Score would be shared after evaluation.
  8. No entries for contest would be accepted for the prizes after the contest window is over.
  9. Update your profile with documentary proofs for receiving the prize money.
    1. Upload picture of Parents/Child.
    2. School ID Card copy of child.
    3. Aadhar ID Copy of child and Parents.
    4. Date of Birth Certificate of Child.
    5. Bank Account Details where prize money is to be credited.
    6. IFSC Code of Bank Account.
    7. Cancelled cheque copy of the same Bank Account.
    8. These are mandatory to Be eligible for cash remittance into your account.
    9. Profile verification would be done by FGS Team. (For bank Account Validation)
  10. FIITJEE Global School management may ask the Winners to post their winning certificates on their own Facebook page as well as FGS Facebook page.
  11. Winners testimonials as sought by the FIITJEE Global School management need to be provided without prejudice and same need to be posted on Facebook and FGS Website, as and when required.
  12. All rights of awarding & selecting winners rests with FIITJEE Global School management.
  13. In case of disputes the final decision rests with FIITJEE Global School management.
  14. FIITJEE Global School reserves the right to add, change/alter or delete any of the Rules and Terms of participation, anytime without prior notice.
  15. It is requested that all participants visit the Rules and Terms of participation page before participating in the contest.