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Skyward Astronomy Club is a part of the FIITJEE Global schools. The club is organised for the educational and scientific purposes, for individuals and groups, the primary purpose is to develop and implement programs designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of astronomy for every interested individual,especially, here in Vengambakkam and Vellore campus and the local community. The club strives to quench a student's thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events such as StarParty (a fun-filled night of star-gazing), Planetarium visits, Quiztronomy , Telescope building and handling sessions


We, at Skyward Astronomy club, are working with an objective to guide students who are interested in Astronomy and thereby attempting to create more scientists in the field who would represent India at a global scale and broaden the spectrum of the field through their humble contribution. We are committed and are inching towards our goal with many more expected events & workshops.


Astronomy and Space Exploration is a booming field that will generate a lot of good opportunities for adults who are children now. Private start-up companies like Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Bigelow Aerospace have started talking about commercializing Astro Tourism already. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, as a part of “The Starshot Project has an ambitious attempt to send solar sails to the closest star at one-quarter of the speed of light in 20 years. With our current technology, it would take around 40,000 years to reach there. James Cameron is investing in a project called “Planetary Resources”, a company that uses robotic ships to mine gold and precious minerals from asteroids. So, it is a wonderful period in the timeline of humankind’s existence to be a part of space technological innovations and advancements. Our vision is to prepare the children, future-ready.

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We promote amateur astronomy through talks, contests and live shows. Astronomy is fun and our club nurtures students’ participation with fun-filled sessions & activities.

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