FIITJEE Global School Magic Inkpots

Magic InkPots

Welcome to FIITJEE Global Schools’ Magic inkpots, a place where our youngest children are able to embrace their natural curiosity and drive to learn. Young children are made powerful, driven to comprehend theory, create meaning, and to understand a complex and multifaceted world. At FIITJEE Global School’s kindergarten section, we scaffold joyful exploration to take kids’ learning even deeper. Through rich open-ended experience and reflection, our young children develop into resourceful, curious and resilient adults. We look forward to sharing our unique and magical school with you.

  • In our endeavour to enable children to discover themselves, we utilize technology to facilitate learning. Our technologically enhanced solutions for students, educators and parents build a conducive learning environment. All classrooms are equipped with digitally-enabled boards to create engaging and informative learning daily. Digital classrooms give teachers the resources they need to creatively impart learning to students. This helps them inculcate interest and be interactive in class. Technology in class at early years not only promotes active play, but also develops digital skills along with encouraging creativity amongst the children. Additionally, technology gives teachers the ability to design unique learning environments for children. This is because the use of technical devices allows teachers to bring new resources into the classroom and provide children with a much more interactive experience by using apps or quizzes, right pronunciation online.
  • DISCOVER GREAT CONNECTIONS WITH OUR MOBILE APP- While your child is at our school, you don’t need to miss a single precious moment. Get real-time updates, circulars, regular homework and class work, photos, and videos of every precious moment through our mobile app for parents.