Student Admission Terms and Conditions

Rules Governing the Student Admissions Process

  1. FIITJEE Global School believes in meritocracy and does not discriminate on the basis of community or ethnicity, religion, caste, creed etc. Admission to FIITJEE Global School is purely based on merit, i.e. performance of the candidate in the Selection Process.
  2. It is mandatory for all parents to attend the Orientation Meeting with the FIITJEE Global School Management – conducted on the School campus when the student is attending the Admission Selection Process.
  3. Both the parents of the candidate should be present at the School Campus for an interaction with the School Management. In case, if any one of the Parents is unable to come to the School on the day of Admissions, then a 'No Objection Certificate' by the absentee parent should be submitted to the School stating that the absentee parent has “No Objection” to their child joining the School in the event of the child being granted Admission.
  4. In the case of a single parent, If one/both the parents of the candidates has expired, an attested copy of the Death Certificate have to be submitted along with the student’s Registration Form.
    • If the parent is a Divorcee, the relevant legal documents regarding the guardianship of the child, visitation rights of parents – must be submitted along with student’s Registration Form.
    • Same applicable for adoption and in case of guardians of orphans.
  5. The results of the Admission would be declared one day later or the same day and the whole process will be complete by maximum two days’ time.
  6. The School does not accept any Recommendations for grant of admissions. Parents should note that any such manoeuvres will only lead to the disqualification of the student's application.
  7. The parents of a candidate, who is selected for admission, would have to collect the admission letter issued by the School Authorities and complete the formalities of admission at the School office and procurement of uniforms from the vendor, etc. as directed.
  8. The School Admission Fee and First Instalment of Annual School Fee has to be paid to the School within the stipulated time (as mentioned in the letter of admission), failing which the admission would be offered to the candidate who is next in the order of merit in the selection process.
    • Subsequent instalments should be paid as per schedule published and communicated from time to time.
    • Refundable Caution Deposit would be collected before entry into school prior to commencement of classes. This would be refunded without interest at the time the student leaves the school.
  9. Once the fees are paid, the candidate is provisionally admitted to the school and admission of the student to FIITJEE Global School will be complete only after the parents submit the ‘Original Transfer Certificate' of the child that is issued by the previous School and other statutory documents like Aadhaar to FIITJEE Global School on or before the date of joining the School during the 1st week of April or June, as the case may be, during any Academic year.
  10. If the Transfer Certificate is not submitted at the time of joining FIITJEE Global School, the provisional admission granted to the candidate by FIITJEE Global School will stand cancelled and under such circumstances, the fee already paid by the parents / guardians would not be refunded by the school to the parents.
  11. If the selected candidate fails to join FIITJEE Global School for whatever reasons, after paying the admission fee and 1st instalment of School Fee, the fees already paid to the School will not be refunded to the parent ; the same fee is not transferrable to any other candidate and the un-availed admission does not hold good for the successive academic year/years too.
  12. Rules Governing Remittance of School Fee by Parents
    • Mode of Payment: All Fees to the School should be paid only through Online Mode, NEFT/RTGS or
    • In exceptional cases through Demand Drafts drawn on Nationalised Banks / International Banks and payable at Chennai only. The Demand Drafts are to be drawn in favour of “FIITJEE Global School” and not any other short form. Cash payments will be accepted only for Prospectus/Application forms and Student Registration for Admissions.
    • Parents should ensure that an official ‘Fee Receipt’ or Acknowledgement is immediately obtained from the School for any payment made to FIITJEE Global School (in person either at Campus in Vengambakkam/Vellore or at Registered Office in Nungambakkam). The School is not responsible for remi ttances made without obtaining an official receipt from the School. Hence Parents are discouraged to send the D.D.’s by Courier or Post. The onus of obtaining a receipt rests solely on the person making payments to the School. Parents/guardians should preserve the receipts obtained from the School.
  13. The School's web portal has to be checked regularly for updates.
  14. In case of non-updated cases, a written request needs to be made to School Department headed by the School Registrar and that also furnish the original fee receipt to the School Authorities to update the records.
  15. Any student fees under any category once paid to the School cannot be refunded to the parents/student under any circumstances, even if the student does not attend the School for a single day.
  16. The due dates for the three instalments of Annual School Fee are 10th of March, 1st of June & 1st of October of every academic year. The pay-by dates (last date for payment without late fee) for the aforesaid Instalment s are 20th March, 10th June and 10th October, respectively. Annual School Fees may also be paid in advance in one go itself.
    • The School will not accept any part payment of any Instalment, whatever be the reason.
  17. Failure to pay any of the three instalments of the Annual School Fee – before the respective pay-by dates – attracts late payment fine of Rs. 100/- per day commencing the very next day after the 'pay-by date' of a particular instalment.
  18. After the lapse of 15 days from the pay-by date, if an instalment of a student’s Annual School Fee is still unpaid to the School, then admission of the student will be automatically terminated, without giving any notice to the parent. When admission is terminated under such circumstances, the parent also forfeits the positive balance of the EWallet account of the student.
  19. Admission Fee is a one-time fee that is levied to all students enrolling in the school. This may be paid in two equal instalments- one immediately at the time of admission and the second after completion of one year. Notice to this effect would be made in advance.
    • Admission Fee paid is non-refundable, even if the student does not continue in the school at any given point in time.
  20. Caution Deposit is refundable at the time of leaving the school. This may be paid in two instalments as per circular/intimation from the school during the time of Admission.
    • No interest would accrue on the caution deposit collected by the school.
    • Damages, dues and penalties, if any, shall be deducted from the caution deposit before remittance is done.
  21. f it is found that some of the students are involved in damaging or defacing of School property and furniture allotted to them, either due to carelessness or indiscipline, please note that students will be penalized whenever she / he damages or defaces school property and the appropriate fine will be deducted from their EWallet Account, to inculcate soft-skills and self-discipline among students.
  22. Total Annual School Fee is subject to yearly review and an annual increase between 10% - 15% is customary every academic year.
  23. Please do not offer any tips in cash or kind to any employee on the campus – Any such demands may be reported to the Director/Registrar.
  24. Parents desirous of seeking Income Tax Exemption Certificate from the School, should apply to the school only after clearing the second term Annual School Fee dues, and shall produce the original fee paid receipts issued by the School at the time of seeking the Certificate.
  25. Short Messages from School : The School regularly sends messages and reminders to all parents. Parents are therefore advised to:
    • Regularly check their mobile phone in-box for SMS from School. In case you do not receive any message from School for more than a week, immediately lodge a complaint directly with the School Registrar or with the Executive Secretary to the Director through the 'FIITJEE Global School Web-portal.’ Parent should mention the phone number on the last page of the student registration form to which all important information and notices from the School should be reaching.
    • Parents should not subscribe to DND services that block bulk messages sent from the School.
    • Note that in view of the above instructions, the School would not entertain parents claiming that they have not received messages or fee reminders from the School.
  26. Definition of Parents who come under N.R.I. fee structure:
    • If a child’s father or mother is working outside India during the time of admission or even subsequently is on a transfer outside India during the currency of an academic year, such a parent is categorized as an N.R.I parent and he /she is liable to pay the N.R.I. fee towards the Annual School Fee of his/her child/ward studying at FIITJEE Global School.
    • Only for the parent, who has been sent on a temporary / professional purpose by their employer, fee for just a month will be considered to be exempted from the N.R.I. fee. Under such circumstances, the parent needs to submit the relevant documents related to the nature of temporary assignment abroad and the copies of visa stamping to the School authorities to gain exemption from payment of N.R.I fee.
    • In case a Guardian is responsible for the payment of child/ward’s School fee and the guardian / spouse of guardian is working outside India, such a person would also be categorized as an N.R.I and will have to pay the N.R.I. fee to the School.
    • All Parents of N.R.I Students should note that the NRI fee ‘may not’ include any other special benefits or privileges to the student on the FIITJEE Global School campus.
    • All the newly admitted students need to get the School Uniform stitched by Uniform Supplier authorized by the School via the School Web Application. The samples will be present on the campus for fit and measurements.
    • The School is not liable / responsible for the untimely delivery of the uniforms by the supplier.
    • The orders from the parents of newly admitted students will be taken only after the first instalment of the Annual School Fee is paid to the School and upon furnishing the 'Student’s School Admission Number' to the uniform vendors.
  28. Rules Governing Withdrawal of Students from FIITJEE Global School:
    • Parents/ Guardians who intend to withdraw their child / ward from the School (except Classes 9 and 11) should apply for a Transfer Certificate (T.C.) during the month of March at the end of an academic year.
    • Transfer Certificate will not be issued to students withdrawn after completion of class 9 or class 11 as the candidate is registered for class 10 or Class 12 board examination with the respective examination board.
    • The application for Transfer Certificate should be made in the form prescribed by the School by a Parent or the Authorized Guardian of the pupil, along with a processing fee of Rs.150/- The form can be downloaded from the online school portal of FIITJEE Global School.
    • Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students whose School fees and dues have been fully paid for the academic year in which the Transfer Certificate is sought.
    • Applications for Transfer Certificate will not be accepted after April 1st of any academic year. Parents who apply for a Transfer Certificate after the 1st of April are li able to pay the complete Annual School Fee for the ensuing academic year.
    • Once a student has taken Transfer Certificate and withdrawn from FIITJEE Global School, if the parent wants to again admit the student back into FIITJEE Global School, the admission will be considered as a fresh admission and the parent has to pay a fresh admission fee of Rs.25,000/- along with Annual School Fee on par with a fresh admission.
    FIITJEE Global School Administration Team reserves the absolute right at their discretion, to issue or deny Transfer Certificate to any pupil, if:
    • School Administration Team is not satisfied with the general conduct of the student on the campus in terms of discipline, moral and decent behaviour or for instigating other students against the School systems and Values (or)
    • the student is absent from School campus without sanction of leave, for more than a week, during the session/term (or)
    • the student is found practicing unfair means in tests and exams (or)
    • the parents/guardians fail to pay the second Instalment of the Annual School Fee by pay-by date (October 15th); the admission of the student is liable to be terminated by the School, without giving any notice to the parent/guardian regarding the same. Under such circumstances, any positive balance in the pocket money account of the student will not be refunded by the School.
    • At the end of an academic year, if a parent/guardian fails to pay the first Instalment of Annual School Fee for the promoted class for the ensuing academic year by the pay-by date of April 15th – the admission would automatically be terminated and FIITJEE Global School would issue a Transfer Certificate and mail the same by Registered Post to the parent/guardian of the student. The School is not responsible if the parent / guardian do not receive or accept the registered post.
    • If it is discovered at a later date that any of the information furnished by the parent/guardian in the student registration form and the Medical History sheet – at the time of admission – is false, the School Management has the right to cancel the admission of the student.
    • If it is found that the student does not score the qualifying marks for promotion (50% in annual qualifying exams), in spite of the best efforts of his/her teachers, the School Management may terminate the admission of such student, unless the child has learning difficulty certified by Educational Counsellor.
  30. In matter of admission and issue of “Transfer Certificate”, the decision of the School Administration Team is final and binding on the parents/guardians of the student concerned.
    Rules for Students & Parents/Guardians :
    • After a new student is admi tted into the school, FIITJEE Global School authorities will issue a student photo identity card / student admission card to the parent / guardian of the student - on the day of joining the school. Parents should carry the identity card / admission card while visiting the school and produce the same at the security, as a proof of identity.
    • Any person, other than the parents, desirous of meeting a student on the school campus should also produce the identity card / admission card or an authorization letter from the parents to the school authoriti es, to meet the child. The school also maintains a list of visitors - authorized by the parent to visit their child on the school campus.
    • Note: Persons who are not carrying photo ID card or a valid authorization either from the school or from the parents, will not be allowed into the School campus by the security to meet the child.
    • Parents during their visits to the school have to adhere to the security rules and regulations. All visitors should sign in the security register and carry a visitors' slip which should be presented at the security gate at the time of leaving the campus. Note: Visitors will not be allowed to leave the campus unless the visitor's slip (signed by the Registrar / Dean) is presented at the security.
    • The FIITJEE Global School management maintains a serene atmosphere and encourages refined behaviour on the school campus and expects the same from parents & visitors. Any behaviour of parents or their associates which sets a bad example for the students on the campus shall be viewed seriously by the school management and that may even lead to the termination of admission of the Student. Smoking and consuming of drugs, liquor / alcohol on the school campus is strictly prohibited and would lead to severe repercussions. Persons in an inebriated or intoxicated condition will be evicted from the campus.
    • During visits, parents are required to park their vehicles in the allotted parking area and are not permitted to drive their vehicles beyond the parking area of the campus.
    • The application for admission to FIITJEE Global School elicits all types of information about the student which is provided by the student's parents / guardians under oath. Any deliberate attempt to withhold information or furnishing of false information by the parents is a serious offence under law. Strict action may be initiated under such circumstances, including the termination of Admission of the child. Single Parents should furnish legal documents regarding guardianship of child and visiting rights granted by courts. Any change, however temporary, in address and telephone number of the parents / guardians of the child should be immediately notified to the school authorities, in writing, by the parents - and an acknowledgment should be obtained from the school official to whom such information is furnished i.e. Executive Secretary to Director or the Registrar. Failure to obtain acknowledgment from school amounts to not sharing the information with the school.
    • Students and Parents are responsible for the cleanliness of the area where they are seated, and the area should not be littered. Trash bins must be used effectively or else they will be made to clean the area occupied by them. The school is a "No Plastic Zone" and the use of polythene and other plastic material is strictly prohibited on the campus.
    • All the parents are required to attend every ‘Parent-Teacher Interaction' held twice a year on the campus. It is mandatory for the parents to attend open house sessions conducted on the days of Parent-Teacher Interaction and all other school functions, in the best interests of the child's development. During the parent-teacher interactions, the parents are required to ask teachers only queries related to the academic performance of the child. Teachers are not responsible for administration related issues. For any administration related queries, parents are to approach the Principal / Registrar only.
    • Parents should not interfere with the internal affairs of the school curriculum, regarding any events, programmes and competitions or even discourage students from holding any post in the Students' Management Council.
    • Parents are not allowed to leave the campus till the programme is over.
  32. The school management reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the rules and regulations and formulate new rules from time to time, which will be duly notified to all the parents / candidates.